The MAPULA EMBROIDERIES community is a truly caring bunch of women. Together since 1991, the group in the Winterveld, South Africa, tells stories through needle and thread. The group in Pretoria makes sure that the world knows about them and assists in selling their products! This empowers all and assures there is income to educate the kids and have food on the table tomorrow too.

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MAPULA (Mother of Rain) embroideries are true works of art. They are original, designed, hand embroidered and sewn into products by a core of 150 women. Browsing through the beautiful product range makes you want to own a piece!



Curious to find out about old and ‘news’? Read some stories on how the project empowers the women and how we are sewing the seed of Mapula.

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An image can tell more than a thousand words! A splash of colour picturing stories of joy, empowerment and hope!

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